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Professional Profile

I’m Anthony Critelli. I graduated with a B.S. in Networking and Systems Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017. Currently, I work as a Systems Administrator for the IST Department within GCCIS at RIT. I’m also working toward a Master’s degree in Information Sciences and Technologies.

My previous experience includes network engineering for civil air traffic control networks (while at Harris) and consultative engineering (while at SMP). I’ve also had network co-op experience with Cisco Meraki and Wegmans Food Markets.

Most of my professional focus has been on traditional networking (routing and switching). My role at RIT affords me the opportunity to work on a variety of interesting topics within IT. I’m responsible for a few VMware environments, several Linux and Windows servers that fulfill various roles, and a variety of other applications to support business and curricular needs. I’m increasingly interested in automation (I often use Ansible), virtualized networking (NSX), and even some web application development (I use Flask for my own projects, but help to maintain a few RIT systems in PHP).

I currently hold an active CWNA, AWS CSAA, and a few other certs. I previously held a CCNP Routing and Switching.

Personal Profile

I currently live in the city of Rochester, NY. In my free time, you can usually find me:

  • Learning something new. I like writing code and building small apps or scripts.
  • Exploring Rochester. I love this city, and you can usually find me attending some cool event with my girlfriend.
  • Drinking beer. I enjoy a variety of craft beer, and I can often be found attending beer tasting events or exploring new breweries. I also maintain a small webapp for tracking ratings at tasting events.
  • Reading. My book list is growing way faster than I can keep up, but that’s OK.

About this site

In case you’re interested: I spent a lot of time figuring out how I wanted to create this site. I eventually settled on using Hugo with my own custom-written theme. I was using the Academic theme for awhile, but decided to roll my own theme so that I would have more control. As you can probably tell from this site, I’m not a front-end guy.

What led to this decision? On the one hand, I like writing web apps using Flask, and this site could have provided a good opportunity to do that. On the other hand, there really isn’t any dynamic content that justifies using a dynamic language. I used Wordpress for awhile, but found myself in the same boat: it was more than I needed. I also toyed with the idea of writing my own static site generator in Python, but I decided that re-inventing the wheel probably wasn’t a good idea. At the end of the day, I chose Hugo because it was mature, fairly easy to use, and provided me with something that “just worked.”

Writing something completely custom would have showcased my development abilities. But that’s silly. The best way to serve a simple web page is by using something (like Hugo), that’s designed to provide a simple web page. Forcing my simple personal website into an entire Flask app would have been done for the sake of showing that I could do it. That seems wasteful, so I decided that Hugo with my own custom-written theme would work. If you want to see my development work, my Github would be a good start.