Consulting and Freelance Work

I am generally available for consulting and freelance projects, as long as they do not violate any constraints or non-competes imposed by my primary employer. My specialties include:

  • Technical writing and training
  • Linux administration
  • Linux web services
  • Kubernetes
  • Cloud
  • Scripting and automation, especially Ansible and Terraform

While these are my primary specialties, my overall skills are based on the ability to quickly learn many “operations technologies,” and I would be happy to discuss projects that fall outside of these listed areas of expertise. Many of my current and former colleagues can attest to my ability to quickly learn and apply new and existing technology (references available upon request).


I believe in clear communication, especially around deliverables. You can expect well-defined expectations, clear and frequent communication, and professional-quality technical writing and presentations when working with me.

If you’ve read some of my personal opinions or spoken with me, then you may be aware of my healthy skepticism toward “hot new technology.” If you’re looking for someone to tell you that your new startup needs a 45-step IaC CI/CD pipeline to auto-scale EKS and replicate your workload across two different cloud providers for a product with no paying customers, then I’m not the best person for your project. If you’re looking for a measured approach and are open to frank conversations around managing complexity, then I am probably a good fit.

Get In Touch

If you’re interested in working together, then please send me a message on LinkedIn or an email (acritelli at gmail dot com).