AWS Labs

I started learning about AWS by working through the A Cloud Guru series about the Certified Solutions Architect Associate (CSAA). I watched all of the lectures, worked through the practice exams, and passed the test. Overall, it was a fun time.

But I always felt like there should be more hands-on labs that actually involved creating something meaningful. Many practice labs simply involve clicking through the UI without some final goal in mind. I really became comfortable with AWS when I started to write scripts for an automated lab topology. Like many other tech people, I learn best by building actual topologies and systems.

So I decided to create some labs that would gently guide a user through deploying their own (hideously contrived) application using AWS components. Each lab works toward a final topology and includes the estimated completion time, documentation steps, teardown, and a set of lab questions.

The labs are available on Github. Feel free to try them and submit a PR for updates or improvements!